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Bedbugs currently are the “Hot” pest in and the Chicago area is not immune to this issue. We have a long and successful history with this pest and have excelled where others have failed. Bed bugs can travel with you almost anywhere (public transportation, hotels, offices, stores, schools, gyms, etc.) Bed bugs are found in cracks and crevices including mattresses, sheets, furniture, luggage, behind baseboards, electrical outlets, picture frames, etc. Signs of bed bug infestation consist of seeing the bugs(moving activity), case skins(shredded skin), defecation(brown/black spots) and bites. Bed bugs multiply quickly so once you identify visible activity early call a professional as soon as possible to prevent a larger infestation.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

S&S Pest Control Inc. provides a satisfaction guarantee on any bed bug treatment where the clients have provided access for the inspection of all perimeter rooms to identify activity and that the appropriate preparation for service has been completed by home owner or tenant. Customer/tenant must understand that bed bugs can re-enter the residence at any time and that the problem can then reoccur. Don’t worry! If the problem reoccurs within 30 days of our final treatment our technicians will return at no additional cost.

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