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Humane Wildlife Control and Removal

Protect your property with the wildlife control services from S&S Pest Control, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois. Wildlife can damage your property if left alone. Target animals can cause potential hazards such as biting, scratching, and risking exposure to possible wildlife diseases. It is very important to call a professional pest control technician for wildlife removal for safety risks. Our humane removal services involve trapping the animal and releasing them in a forest reserve. Once they’re gone, we help you keep your property vermin-free by identifying how they entered the property and preventing further infestation.



Noticed any unwanted wildlife animals around your home lately? Tired of hearing those annoying scratching sounds on the roof or attic? Don't hesitate to contact S&S Pest Control, Inc. if you have identified any of the following:

• Bats
• Rabbits
• Woodchucks
• Birds
• Raccoons
• Squirrels
• Opossums
• Skunks
• 13 Lined Ground Squirrels

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